As Registered Dietitians we’ve designed scientifically based healthy eating guides, that will help you in whatever stage you’re in your life and get you to the goals you want to be at. We offer a long term lifestyle solution, not a quick fix, not a diet, but a way that you can change the way that you eat and your relationship with food. Please note that this is an option if you can’t make it to see a dietitian one-on-one. If you have condition specific requirements, than please rather book an appointment. Contact us should you have further queries.


If you’re interested please email us, and we can get you an exclusive copy upon receiving proof of payment.


Lize Stander Sugar has enjoyed the spotlight in recent months. More clients have been coming in confused or fearful about the white stuff. Sugar tax, a Maroon 5 song, That Sugar Film and countless other publications have contributed to this being the case. Often in...