Alayne’s Success Story

“I’m a 59 year old female who had got to the point of being so unhappy with my body & weight gain. I had given up smoking 3 years before and that plus a combination of middle age spread just got the better of me. I have never been a large person, but I’ve always been conscious about watching my weight.  However, I had gotten to the point where nothing was working for me and I was so uncomfortable with everything I wore – this spare tyre just wasn’t me!

Rochez was recommended to me and I was sceptical, as I’d tried everything and nothing worked.  I knew that losing just 5 kg’s would make a huge difference to me. 

Oh my word, she has changed my world as far as food is concerned. I have been so motivated with proper food groupings and really wonderful recipes. It soon became apparent that I had been eating incorrectly for years.

In fact I get irritated now when I go to a restaurant and there is nothing healthy to eat! The 5 kg’s were easy to lose over a couple of months, but what was even more important to me was the drop in my Body Fat percentage, BMI and the centimetres I lost where I needed to.

I have a regular monthly catch-up with Rochez to keep on track and be motivated. I do feel that this is important and I can honestly say that I do feel like a new person.”

Well done Alayne, you’ve been incredibly motivated, and your willingness to make the changes needed made all the difference!

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