Did you know, World Diabetes Day is coming up on the 14th of November 2015!

Some pretty scary statistics:

  • In 2014 there were about 400 million adults living with diabetes and this was the cause of about 5 million annual deaths and led to an exorbitant expenditure of 600 billion US dollars in healthcare costs.
  • By the year 2035 these numbers are expected to sky rocket to almost 600 million people, putting a huge stress on healthcare systems around the world.
  • A healthy lifestyle could prevent up to 70% of type 2 diabetes and up to 11% of healthcare costs could be saved by tackling the preventable risk factors for type 2 diabetes.

So with the theme of diabetes we decided to look at some of the apps available to smartphone owners that focus on health. The below apps were selected based on the potential to assist you in managing your diabetes as well as looking at things like ‘format and function, accessibility, affordability, user rating and relevance to the diabetic community’. There are constantly new apps being developed and this is not a complete list of all the newest apps out there.

Type one or type two, it doesn’t really matter which type of diabetes you suffer from, this is a disease that requires strict management to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible. Tools such as apps on phones or computers can make your diabetes management slightly easier and more efficient.  Many of them are free so why not give it a go and see if any of them work for you.


Five of the top apps for diabetics:

1. Glooko


iPhone: 4.5 Stars

Android: 4 Stars

Cost: Free on both devices

This app is designed to help you manage your diabetes. You can upload your glucose readings directly from your meter. You can also create records of your results and readings  so the information is available at all times.  The app provides you with a statistics breakdown in graph form. You can easily track your personal goals and could potentially share the information with your doctor or health care professional.

An added feature is the food database it provides to assist you with knowing more about the foods you are eating. You can easily keep track of your diet, exercise routine, and medications and this can all be synced and you can view it all online.


2. Diabetic Connect


iPhone: 5 Stars

Android:  3.9 Stars

Cost: Free on both devices

Diabetic Connect helps you to interact with others living with diabetes. You can talk, share tips, and learn together because nobody understands what it’s like to have diabetes better than someone with diabetes. For those without supportive family or friends, this app could potentially allow you to have that support structure.


3. Glucose Buddy


iPhone: 4 Stars

Android:  4.4 Stars

Cost: Free on both devices

Blood sugar monitoring is an important task to do for people with diabetes. This app can store the data you need to manage diabetes without a lot of hassle.

It includes handy notifications, so gone are the days of forgetting to log your numbers. You can enter in your glucose readings, insulin dosages, and how many carbs you take in at each meal. It includes additional features to help track your exercise, blood pressure, weight, and more. Data can be synced and you can also view it online or print it.


4. Diabetes Pilot

Rating: iPhone: 4 Stars

Cost: R349.99

Diabetes Pilot allows you to scan the barcode to get the nutrition data on the foods you buy as well as having access to information on a wide variety of foods. Additionally, you can record your insulin, medication use, diet and exercise

If you use insulin, the app can estimate how much you’ll need for a meal or what you need to get your numbers back on track. This said, this does not take the place of a consultatation with a doctor and you need to have discussed your treatment with him or her as they would specify how much you should be using. This app keeps a running record that you can share with your health care practitioner and use for managing your diabetes from day to day.


5. WaveSense Diabetes Manager


iPhone: 3.5 Stars

Cost: Free

With WaveSense Diabetes Manager gives you access to a library of videos that can help you learn more about diabetes-friendly diets and how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

You can also punch in your information and it will spit out charts and graphs that could help you get a clearer picture of what’s working for you and what’s not. It also allows for easy sharing of information.


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