1554613_566807666743928_568903901_nGrant’s Success Story

“ Earlier this year after feeling permanently tired with no energy, I discovered, following a visit to my doctor, that I had high cholesterol.  No wanting to go the route of being reliant on cholesterol tablets, I decided to contact a dietician to try and bring my cholesterol levels back in line.  If successful in a new eating regime, a further benefit would be weight loss, which I also needed to achieve.  After meeting with Rochez regularly in less than 3 months, the results have been incredibly satisfying,  most importantly, I have managed to bring my cholesterol down to acceptable, healthy levels.  In this short time, I have lost 8kgs, a total of 31cms (14cms around my waist and 10cms around my chest), and I have much higher energy levels than I had 3 months ago.  I eat more regularly than I did before, and I am always satisfied.  I have embraced this lifestyle change with Rochez’s help, and I can only but sing her praises!”

Well done Grant, you’ve been very dedicated, and your results have been brilliant!

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