Helpful apps on your smart phone to help you improve your daily water intake

Did you know that we could survive for about 6 weeks without food but only a week or so without water! The reason why – water is one of the body’s most essential nutrients and plays an important role in all body functions. About 60% of your body weight is water, making it the most abundant substance in the body.

There is such a huge variety of beverages to choose from, these days, we need to make smart choices when it comes to hydrating our bodies. Calorie intake from the beverages we drink has more than doubled since the 1960s. This is mainly due to the increased intake of fizzy cold drinks, sports drink and sweetened tea. These extra liquid calories aren’t balanced out by eating less from food or by increasing physical activity and this over time can lead to an energy imbalance and potential unwanted weight gain. Water is a liquid asset for a healthy weight because it is sugar, caffeine free, and calorie free.

Some of the important functions of water in the body include:

  • Helps to control body temperature
  • Helps transport nutrients and oxygen
  • Helps get rid ofwaste products
  • Helps lubricate joints and body tissues


Therefore we need to make sure we are drinking enough water in the day. Your water requirement depends on your gender, size, and activity level e.g. larger, more active people will need more fluids. You should be drinking enough water  for your urine to be pale or almost colourless.

Many of us are poor water drinkers and we can go the whole day with only having one glass of water. This gets even harder in winter. With the invention of smart phones, we have also seen an increase in the rise of health related apps. We know have a variety of apps that can help improve our water intake in the day. Here are 3 free apps that you can look into to help improve your water intake:


You need to tell the app a bit about yourself (e.g. your gender, age, weight and exercise regime) and it will help set a daily target for hydration. This app will also monitor how hydrated your body through out the day. It will keep track of the last time you drank water as well as when you should drink again.

2. Waterlogged

This app helps you set reminders to get a drink of water therefore making it nearly impossible to forget to drink enough. It also helps to track how well you are meeting your daily water goals. The app allows you to customise your intake based on the type and size of drinking glasses or water bottles you use. You just need to take a photo of the glass or water bottled you are using and record the volume of water it holds.

3. Daily Water

This app helps you to set drinking water goals as well as tracking the volume of water you drink every day. This app also allows you to schedule reminders and offers a basic statistical analysis of the amount of what you have drunk through out the day, week or month.


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