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Oh Mega is a proudly South African brand. Their nut butters  are packed with pure nutritional goodness and plenty of flavour. They only contain the pure ground nuts and are salt, sugar and preservative free. The only exception is that the peanut butters are enriched with omega-3 flax seed oil and a drop of honey.

This brand is all about good health and great taste – these nut butters are a great choice for the health-conscious families.


Phytomulti (no iron) 30 tabs R360,00
Phytomulti (no iron) 60 tabs R600,00
Phytomulti (with iron) 30 tabs R360,00
Phytomulti (with iron) 60 tabs R600,00
Vitamin D3 5000 (120 tabs) R200,00
Vitamin D3 5000 (60 tabs) R110,00
Ultraflora Intensive Care (60 tabs) R700,00
Omega Genics 720 (120 tbas) R650,00
Omega Genics 720 (60 tabs) R330,00
CellAsure R350,00
Organic Virgin Coconut 250ml R48,00
Organic Virgin Coconut 500ml R90,00
Organic Virgin Coconut (plastic) 400ml R65,00
Organic Virgin Coconut (plastic) 1 Litre R145,00
Organic Olive 1 Litre R200,00
Organic Sesame 250 ml R65,00
Almond 250ml R70,00
Grapeseed 250 ml R40,00
Peanut 250ml R40,00
Pumpkinseed 250 ml R100,00
Macadamia 250ml R40,00
Flax Powder 500g R30,00
Coconut Flour 500g R30,00
Almond Flour 500 g R100,00
Oh Mega Nut Butters
Almond 1 kg R195,00
Almond 400g R105,00
Almond 250g R70,00
Chocolate Almond 400 g R105,00
Chocolate Almond 250g R70,00
Cashew 400g R120,00
Cashew 250 g R80,00
Macadamia 1kg R295,00
Macadamia 375 g R120,00
Macadamia 235g R80,00
Peanut Butter – Smooth 1kg R80,00
Peanut Butter – Smooth 400 g R35,00
Peanut Butter – Crunchy 400 g R35,00
Tahini 400g R80,00
Tahini 250g R55,00
GE030 HONEY – 1kg BLEND squeeze R95,00
GE054 HONEY – 500g BLEND squeeze R50,00
BL001 Almonds – Brown Skin kg R200,00
BL004 Brazil kg R260,00
BL006 Cashews – Raw kg R250,00
BL007 Cashews – Roasted Plain W320 kg R250,00
BL008 Hazel Raw kg R390,00
BL009 Pistachio in Shell kg R290,00
BL010 Macadamias – Plain kg R190,00
BL012 Pecan Halves kg R290,00
BL015 Walnut Halves kg R210,00
BL016 Mix Nuts nut RAW WITH peanuts – Green kg R160,00
BL017 Mix Nuts No Peanuts No Salt – Yellow kg R220,00
BL019 Almonds – Blanched kg R250,00
BL020 Peanuts and Raisins – Giant Roasted kg R60,00
BL024 Peanuts – Roasted Redskin kg R70,00
BL040 MIX NUTS RAW no peanuts no salt – Blue kg R220,00
BL043 Walnut Pieces kg R190,00
BL049 Almonds Roasted Brown Skin kg R230,00
BL101 Jungle Deluxe Mix kg R90,00
DF001 Pitted Prunes kg R95,00
DF002 Apricots Choice kg R98,00
DF006 Dates – Pitted kg R35,00
DF007 Fruit Salad Dried – Choice kg R95,00
DF008 Figs – Turkish kg R160,00
DF012 Peaches kg R90,00
DF014 Mango kg R235,00
DF015 Raisins kg R37,00
DF016 Sultanas kg R45,00
DF017 Pears kg R90,00
DF020 Apple kg R110,00
DF024 Coconut – Flaked kg R95,00
DF032 Cranberries kg R120,00
DF034 Coconut – Desiccated kg R65,00
DF036 Health Munch (Seeds Peanuts & Raisin) kg R90,00
DF050 Goji Berry kg R240,00
SE001 Linseed kg R35,00
SE002 Poppy kg R90,00
SE003 Pumpkin kg R135,00
SE004 Sesame kg R60,00
SE005 Sunflower kg R37,00
SE006 Black Sesame kg R90,00
SE007 Chia Seeds kg R95,00
GE022 Muesli – Honey De Luxe (includes nuts) kg R75,00
GE036 Muesli – Honey Exotic(wheat/raisin free) kg R75,00
GE041 Rolled Oats kg R25,00
GE059 Granola – EXTRA LUXURY kg R120,00
GE010 Tomatoes Sundried A grade kg R125,00
GE060 Quinoa kg R100,00
GE046 Chick Peas kg R50,00

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