Pregnancy and the first two years following childbirth are extremely vulnerable and critical periods. In their first 1 000 days, children develop more rapidly, both physically and emotionally, than at any other point in their lives. During this critical period you can make a positive impact on your own health during pregnancy, as well as on a child’s future health.

We have great news for Discovery Vitality mommies-to-be.  Activate your Vitality Baby benefit and you can now have access to additional Vitality visits with a Dietitian, in addition to your standard yearly Vitality visits ensuring optimal health and nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding and the first few months of your child’s life.


Mommies-to-be will be offered three visits with a Dietitian, charged at the Vitality rate during this critical 1000 day period:


Consultation 1 (At 0-9months): Nutrition during Pregnancy – 5 000 Vitality points.

This consultation can be scheduled when you fall pregnant. This visit is for advice on how to eat healthier during pregnancy, which foods to avoid as well as guidance on any nutritional concerns.


Consultation 2 (At about 6 weeks post birth): Nutrition, Breastfeeding and Weight Loss – 2 500 Vitality points.

You will be able to come for your second visit after the birth of your baby. This visit will focus on nutrition during breast feeding as well as tips on how to lose the baby weight in a healthy safe way.


Consultation 3 (At about 5 months post birth): Nutrition and complementary feeding– 2 500 Vitality points.

Once your baby is about 5 months old you will be able to come for your third visit. In this session we will discuss complementary feeding.

(Please note: The male member will only be offered the 3rd consultation when they have activated the benefit).


Remember that the Vitality Baby Benefits are in addition to the 3 yearly Vitality Nutrition Consultations (10 000 Vitality points).



Munchwize Dietitians are based in Claremont, Cape Town. Munchwize is a Discovery Vitality network partner. To book a consultation, contact us here.

We are available throughout December for Vitality Nutrition Consultations.


For more information on the Vitality Baby Benefit: